• Associates & Analysts Training Program

    Offering Intern and summer programs, continuing education programs for all in the financial sector.

  • Risk & Regulatory Programs

    A comprehensive course offering on Risk Management as well as Regulatory courses from both a global perspective as well as US, UK and EU

  • Financial Education

    Delivering innovate training solutions for the entire Financial Sector. A global training company with offices in New York and London. Providing over a dozen market practitioners who help delegates learn real-value concepts for the global financial markets.

  • Innovative Training Ideas

    Including a comprehensive set of simulation platforms to weave online gaming with comprehensive training. Offering the more comprehensive offering of simulations globally.

Delivering  Innovative  Training  Solutions  ©

FinancialTrainingSolutions is the live-instructor-training division of CapitalWave Inc.

FinancialTrainingSolutions (FTS) is committed to “Delivering Innovative Training Solutions” to both commercial and investment banks, corporate treasuries, and other financial institutions. Delivering Solutions is different from delivering programs or courses. We work hard to insure our solutions are applicable, relevant and engaging.

We expect that those who attend our courses to walk away with something that is applicable to their jobs today. We will leave the ‘educationally interesting programs’ to other training firms.

Quality and innovation, using the most advanced techniques technology can offer, have made us global leaders in delivering dynamic and motivating training for the financial and capital markets. Our approach to training includes the integrating of theory with practice; as well as creating an unforgettable and comprehensive learning experience. This effort allows for program participants to apply new knowledge immediately into their positions.

While we are most well known for our programs in Fundamental Banking & Security Operation Training, we specialize in all aspects of the financial markets, and our seminars and courses can be customized for any level participant. We can focus in depth on a particular product or topic, or deliver integrated development programs covering a wide range of instruments and issues. Your mainstream banking, investment banking and front-office staff can really benefit from our blended learning approach, as well as your back office operations, IT, and compliance personnel.

Our Core Training Portfolio

While we are most well known for our Operations Programs, our Core Finance Training Portfolio includes the following program offerings:

Investment Banking
Wealth Management

Portfolio Management & Construction

Sales & Trading

Commodities & Energy

Capital Markets

Credit Derivatives

Interest Rate Derivatives

Equity Derivatives

Swaps & Options

Bond and Financial Maths

Analyst & Associates Summer Programs

Global Financial Markets

Equities Trading

Fixed Income Trading

Risk Management

Foreign Exchange

Quantitative Analysis

Fundamental Banking Operations

Security Operations Concepts

Securities Trade Life-cycle

Fundamentals of Corporate Actions

Risk & Controls in Securities Operations

Please contact us for more information about the programs we can run for you.