With the high turnover of staff, many institutions are offering more comprehensive training programs to their new Associates and Analysts. Financial Training Solutions offers 5-15 day programs for those companies seeking to deliver intensive Associates and/or Analysts training. Our programs take advantage of our high quality training material and instructors, but also of our comprehensive training solutions. These programs are customized to meet the individual needs of the client. We work with you to create the right approach to the culture and business objectives of your firm.

These programs are usually multi-week programs that run multiple streams. Coordinating the resources fo these programs are challenging enough, why not work with a firm that has many years experience in delivering these highly demanding programs.

Please contact us for more information about the programs we can run for you.

Our Core Training Portfolio includes the following course offerings:

Analyst & Associates Programs

Global Financial Markets

Equities Trading

Fixed Income

Risk Management (FRM and PRM)

Portfolio Management & Construction

Sales & Trading

Commodities & Energy

Capital Markets

Derivatives – Equity, Credit, Fixed Income

Fundamental Banking Operations

Security Operations Concepts

Securities Trade Lifecycle

Fundamentals of Corporate Actions

Risk & Controls in Securities Operations

Foreign Exchange

Bond and Financial Maths

Quantitative Analysis

Investment Banking

“Finding the right training company is more than finding a curriculum, it is finding the people who understand your objectives.”