Simulations for Trading, Portfolio Management, Options and Real News

Blended Learning is the foundational approach to modern corporate training programs. The weaving of lecture, material, case studies and simulations create an engaging environment for learning. Firms need fast paced programs that are not just 10,000 foot reviews of material but are ‘deep-dives’ into the nuances of complex topics.

Many firms use and employ quality lecture and case-studies, but are unable to offer and integrated simulation as part of their curriculum. This gap in learning tools is one of the advantages that CapitalWave, and our live-training division Financial Training Solutions, offers over our competitors.

We current offer four different world-class and enterprise enabled simulation products.

Capital Market Simulator - financial market simulator
CapitalCMS - Capital Market Simulator -- Dual Screen View

CapitalCMS is our highly engaging

Capital Market Simulator

(CMS). This interactive

stock market simulation

allows for delegates (traders) to experience the high pressure of real trading and volatile markets, but allows the Instructor to tightly control the experience. The CMS currently allows for trading of Equities and Fixed Income and Currency Instruments. With our next version (anticipated in April 2011), our class of tradable securities will be expanded to include Options, Futures, Commodities, Energy as well as other derivative instruments. The CapitalCMS is available to run in both open and closed training facilities. In open facilities, delegates that are not local can participate in the simulations via the internet — keeping even those remote participants engaged in programs where they are not local.

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Capitalpms - portfolio management simulation
CapitalPMS - Portfolio Management Simulator - Screen shot

CapitalPMS —

Portfolio Management Simulato


(PMS) — is designed for delegates who work in the Wealth Management and Private Banking as well as those in Hedge Funds. This simulation is for delegates who are seeking to develop their knowledge of the fundamentals of modern portfolio theory, asset allocation theory, equity analysis and portfolio construction techniques. The CapitalPMS has a diverse offering over 10,000+ equity instruments and 10,000+ fixed income instruments. Allowing for exposure to all of the worlds major exchanges and emerging markets. The program allows for: sector, geo-centric, geo-political and currency risks in the simulations. As with the CapitalCMS, the CapitalPMS program can run in both open or closed facility environments. Allowing for delegates who are participating remotely to participate in the complex simulations.

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CapitalOSA - option strategy analyzer
CapitalOSA - Option Strategy Analyzer

CapitalOSA —

Option Strategy Analyzer

The CapitalOSA is a standalone training product that provides a deep analysis of options and other derivatives. This online program’s set of tools allow for examining and comparing the profitability and risks of options strategies using payoff diagrams and other techniques. The CapitalOSA provides all the functions for the calculation of option prices, hedge parameters (“Greeks”), implied volatility, historical volatility, underlying asset probabilities, trading profitability, futures pricing, identification of optimal early exercise points, and much more.

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CapitalRNTS - Real News Trading Simulation
CapitalRNTS - Real News Trading Simulation


Real News Trading Simulation

(RNTS) or CapitalRNTS, is an interactive and dynamic Investment Simulation designed to get participants to understand the role of news in investment and portfolio decisions. Teams are organized from participants in the program/class and are allowed to strategize and invest in the limited but strategically important securities for the duration of the simulation. To play the simulation, teams need to take positions (long or short) in the markets listed in up to a maximum size of the limits given. Teams will have a number of opportunities to change their position for the duration of your program. All trades are done at the prevailing market prices and a running profit and loss is kept. Teams compete with each other via a live scoreboard or leaderboard available for all participants to see. What makes this simulation so versitle is that it can be customized to the program being conducted and offers instructors the ability to align the tradable securities with their material.

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