Business presentationOur programs and specialist courses for operations and IT personnel are delivered by dedicated operations professionals, with the primary focus on operations as a business in its own right.

Our intense programs are designed to produce operational personnel who will be fully prepared for their desk role training within 2 weeks of starting the program.
In recent years it has become increasingly important to develop operations personnel to acquire not only a detailed understanding of the tasks for which they are responsible, but also to develop a ‘big-picture’ understanding of the entire process of which they form a part. Many people that are cocooned within their own tasks do not possess the wherewithal to spot potential problems that could arise in other areas, unless they have been educated in the overall process flow.
Development of a strong all-round operations team increases the probability of detecting risks at the earliest stage, understanding when the danger signals reach a point where escalation is necessary, and as a result minimizing errors leading to monetary loss and potential loss of clients.
Our trainers are operations professionals that have managed large operations departments and who possess a multitude of day-to-day operations experiences, both positive and negative. Many of these experiences are illustrated during the program, as such ‘war stories’ really hold the attention of the delegates and have a long-lasting impact. We believe that our instructors possess a unique combination of skills that combines their real-life experiences with highly structured learning methods.

Our Most Requested Programs

  • Fundamental Banking Operations Concepts (2-day course)
  • Fundamental Securities Operations Concepts (1-day course)
  • The Securities Trade Life-cycle (2-day course)
  • Failed Trades Management (2-day course)
  • Fundamentals of Corporate Actions (2-day course)
  • Advanced Corporate Actions (2-day course)
  • Securities Lending & Borrowing (2-day course)
  • Risks & Controls in Securities Operations (1-day course)
  • Collateral Management (1-day course)

Please contact us for more information about the programs we can run for you.

Our Programs in Banking Operations

Our programs are designed to take new hires, or promoted individuals, to your organization, and:
Emphasis the sequential and logical steps in processing trades (and other tasks), enabling delegates to appreciate the importance of each step and the knock-on effects of an action·
Provide financial product training to a degree appropriate for operations day-to-day purposes·
Provide the vast bulk of training on understanding the direct responsibilities of operations·
Develop understanding of topics from basic building blocks to more advanced topics using highly structured and proven training methods·
Practice and prove delegate understanding through running:
  • numerous intra-day exercises/case studies
  • daily recap sessions requiring the delegates to present concepts learned the previous day
  • formal tests during or at the end of the program·
Provide the same trainer(s) throughout the program, so as to ensure end-to-end understanding and to avoid the pitfalls of employing different trainers.
The modules that form the graduate program are summarized below:





Fundamental Banking Operations Concepts

2 days


Fundamental Securities Operations Concepts

2 days


The Securities Trade Lifecycle

2 days


Fundamentals of Corporate Actions

2 days


Risks & Controls in Securities Operations

1 day

9 days

If required, our programs can be adjusted for content and duration.