Simulations for Trading, Portfolio Management, Options and Real News


Blended Learning is the foundational approach to modern corporate training programs. The weaving of lecture, material, case studies and simulations create an engaging environment for learning. Firms need fast paced programs that are not just 10,000 foot reviews of material but are ‘deep-dives’ into the nuances of complex topics.

Many firms use and employ quality lecture and case-studies, but are unable to offer and integrated simulation as part of their curriculum. This gap in learning tools is one of the advantages that CapitalWave, and our live-training division Financial Training Solutions, offers over our competitors.

We current offer the following world-class and enterprise enabled simulation products and one amazing training tool.

These are our current simulation platforms:

Power Suite – Why just have one simulation platform?

With the POWER SUITE, you get the CMS, FTS, PMS, FITS, RNTS as well as the Financial Learning Platforms the OSA, PAS and FIA platforms at one incredibly low price. This suite of products provides you with enough tools to develop the financial literacy and experience that your programs were designed to deliver. [/pane]

CapitalCMS – Capital Market Simulator

CapitalCMS (v 3.400 -latest update Jun 2016) is our highly engaging Capital Market Simulator (CMS). This interactive stock market simulation allows for delegates (traders) to experience the high pressure of real trading and volatile markets, but allows the Instructor to tightly control the experience. Click me to know more: CapitalCMS [/pane]

CapitalPMS – Portfolio Management Simulator

CapitalPMS Portfolio Management Simulator (PMS) (v. 3.1 -latest update July 2016) is designed for delegates/students who work in the Wealth Management and Private Banking as well as those in Hedge Funds. Click me to know more: CapitalPMS

CapitalFITS – Fixed Income Trading Simulator

The CapitalFITS – Fixed Income Trading Simulator (v2.30 – last update Jul 2016) platform. Given the massive size of the Fixed Income markets, it is imperative that students and staff have the ability to weave fixed income securities, along with money market instruments to understand both how to hedge risk and use derivatives to manage expectations. Click me to know more: CapitalFITS

CapitalRNTS – Real News Trading Simulator

The Real News Trading Simulation (RNTS) or CapitalRNTS (v. 4.01 -latest update August 2016) is an interactive and dynamic Investment Simulation designed to get participants to understand the role of news in investment and portfolio decisions.Click me to know more: CapitalRNTS[/pane]

CapitalFTS – Forex Trading Simulator

CapitalFTS (v2.20 – last update Jun 2016) – in an engaging Forex  Simulator that allows for students and staff the ability to understand the complex and global aspect to forex and trade. Click me to know more: CapitalFTS

CapitalOSA – Option Strategy Analyzer

CapitalOSA Option Strategy Analyzer. The CapitalOSA (v. 2.51 -latest update Aug 2016) is a standalone training product that provides a deep analysis of options and other derivatives. This online program’s set of tools allow for examining and comparing the profitability and risks of options strategies using payoff diagrams and other techniques. Click me to know more: CapitalOSA

CapitalPAS – Portfolio Allocation Simulator

CapitalPAS Portfolio Allocation Simulator. The CapitalOSA (v. 1.35 -latest update Aug 2016) is a standalone training product that provides a deep analysis of options of portfolio construction and management.  Offering 13 tools from back-testing to stress-testing of custom portfolios or one of the 90+ portfolios we have included.

CapitalFIA – Fixed Income Analyzer

CapitalFIA Fixed Income  Analyzer. The CapitalFIA (v. 1.10 -latest update Aug 2016) is a standalone training product that provides a set of online tools to better understand the nuances of Fixed Income instruments.  From understanding the Time-Value-of-Money to an animated Yield Curve tool that includes data for the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan.

As with most of our simulation platforms, we license our platforms either individually or as part of our “POWER SUITE” of simulation platforms to corporate clients, training companies and universities globally.