VideoTrainingDemo_logoWithout a doubt, this product is our most disruptive training product.  It has already changed the delivery of two major firms (one in the UK and one in the US).  This delivery method is a game-changer for companies, staff, learning and development teams, and for line managers.  For many firms, offering of the training is only one small consideration to offering and delivery.  Issues such as: time away from the desk, cost of flying staff to a specific location, hotel and accommodation costs for the programs, better metrics for ROI and availability to review material afterwards.  These other costs generally are 5-10x’s the cost of the program.

CapitalWave is on the forefront of delivering programs via our custom training portal.  We have taken the learning framework of MOOC’s and have applied them in creating a custom/private MOOC to deliver special training.  You can see our demo site at:

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Never again do you have to worry about geographically dispersed staff.  Or that individual availability is not possible for “time-specific-webinar’s”.  We can offer bespoke training for any of these topics:

Operations and Back Office Training
Understanding Global Markets
Understanding Capital Markets
Understanding the Forex Markets
Understanding the Energy Markets
Understanding Swaps and Options

Investment Banking – Core Training
Wealth Management – Core Training
Investment Management – Core Training
Hedge Funds – Core Training